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Canadian landscapers interpreted by 10 Filipino-Canadian artists

Author Unknown 1989

Vancouver - its second annual art exhibit, the Filipino community in Greater Vancouver presented some 70 contemporary works by ten noted Filipino-Canadian artists at the Discovery Center, Plaza of Nations, on June 10 and 11, 1989, in conjunction with the Philippine Independence Day celebrations.

Featuring mainly subjects such as gardens, the waterfront, and wildlife, the exhibit was a rare chance to view the best in local Filipino artistry in a variety of media: oils, watercolor, pen and ink.

Under the leadership of the Philippines acknowledged master of impressionism, Sym Mendoza who also exhibited, the featured artist were firmly within the representational art movement, between realism and impressionism.

Bert Aquino's flowers and ponds shimmer in a Monet light, and brilliance basks Noel Trinidad's gardens as in a Renoir. Sym's sailboat scenes burst with color, and life like portraits in oil by Ed Lantin and Pete Carreon were some of the works in realistic mode.

The environment is a concern with artist Rod Pedralba, also know as the "Bateman of the Philippines." In his work entitled "Freedom," symbology was used to lament a dying ecology.

Architect-painter Jess Hipolito captures Richmond's sceneries in particular, the Steveston harbor, in an attempt to record this rapidly developing community. Hipolito feels he is running out of time and that the artist is being "chased by developers."

Other artists who exhibited their works were Ullyses La Rosa, Victor Santos, Mike Fernando and Erick Bontogaon.

The artists were on hand at the opening ceremonies on June 10 at Plaza of Nations.