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‘Neocubist’ SYM feted
By Bertrand Quesada 2004

Pinoy painter honored at explorAsian 2004 awards
By Bertrand Quesada 2004

Canadian landscapers interpreted by 10 Filipino-Canadian artists
Author Unknown 1989

Call it the Magic Moment
By Dong de los Reyes 1987

The Quiet Revolt of Sofronio Y Mendoza
By Ambeth R. Ocampo 1987

Symscapes: the feeling eye, the seeing heart
By Lorna Revilla Montilla 1978

Of Scapes, Gates & Interiors
By Margot Baterina 1976

The art of SYM-from Batman Cartoons to Conservatism
By Mercy S. Tolentino 1976

Light Breathes Life in SYM's Paintings
Veronica T. Vielosoyap 1976

Mendoza Art Exhibition
By Carmen Perez 1974

The Painter and Peasant
Author Unkown 1974

Artist with Promise
Author Unkown