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Mendoza Art Exhibition

By Carmen Perez 1974

Sofronio Y. Mendoza acclaimed by the critics as one of the leading representational artist in the country today, will open his fourth one-man exhibition with cocktails, at Galerie Bleue on Thursday, Sept.12, at 6 in the evening. The exhibition carries recent paintings with subject matters such as landscapes, interiors, and still lives.

The painter, who signs his canvases plainly as SYM, renders his works in the Impressionist style. Like a true Impressionist Sym goes out to get the right lighting or the right time of the day for his subject matters. Color speaks a lot in most of SYM's paintings. It is through color that he captures the air of sentiment and nostalgia in his canvas. I is also in SYM's color that an onlooker could see how the artist had captured the light of the day, whether they are backlights, sidelights, or frontlights. SYM does portray Philippine life and scenes in his paintings. He believed this is one way here could help preserve the artistic identity of the country. This is also the only means by which, according to him, he could express his love for the Philippines. Sym is anactive member of and art group called Dimasalang, wherein R. Galicano and E. Aguilar Cruz are also members. He attended formal art school at the University of Santo Tomas and the University of the East.